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Everything you need to know about the Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project

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This website has been prepared and is managed by Iain Baird from World Class Citizens Ltd.


The Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project

This site provides information on the Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project. The project has been running since 2002, however for more information about the history of the project see the separate History page. Tujuane is a Swahili word meaning 'let us know each other'. It was chosen in 2002 as being a very appropriate name for the project.


The Tujuane Project involves four secondary schools in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.



and their partner schools in Kisumu, Kenya:



The 2021 exchange is currently being planned and funds being raised. See the EVENTS page for what is taking place. For other information on the 2021 exchange and the plans, please visit the 2021 pages.

203 Global citizens Meg and Naomi

This photograph was taken by Anne Remmington on our very first exchange visit to Kenya in 2004. The genuine friendship displayed by the two girls sums up the aims of the Tujuane project. Megan from Dene Magna School is now working in London and she sent us an e-mail in 2012 to say:

"The opportunity we had to do an exchange programme with Kenya at such a young age was incredible, and looking back we were so lucky to part of the Tujuane experience. The people we met and experiences shared have surely shaped who I am today. To be able to make a difference to children of our own age, who live in poverty on a different continent, to be able to connect with them, learn with them and learn from them is a rare and beautiful thing."

Since the first exchange visit in 2004, 130 students from Dene Magna, Newent and Lakers (now known as 5 Acres High) schools have visited Kenya and 81 Kenyan students have visited the Forest of Dean. 59 teachers from  all six schools have been involved in exchange visits, however the only teacher to have remained involved since 2002 is Iain Baird. Iain has now left teaching, but is still heavily involved in the Tujuane Project. He has set up a global education consultancy called World Class Citizens and is helping other schools with their international partnerships.

Dene Magna School            Five Acres High School      Newent School           Forest High School

St Antony Dago Kokore      Gilwatsi Secondary            St. George's, Sianda    Bar Korumba Secondary