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Everything you need to know about the Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project

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How did the Tujuane Project start?

In 2002 a group of teachers from three secondary schools in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire took part in a visit to schools in Kisumu, Western Kenya, to whom they had been partnered. The three school partnerships were:









The visit was a great success and on their way home the three UK teachers decided that the visit was so good, that it should be made available to students. Discussions took place between the six schools and the Tujuane Project was born. The name Tujuane was chosen as it is a Swahili word that means 'getting to know each other'. Along with English, Swahili is an official language of Kenya and is taught to all pupils.


The first student exchange was planned to take place in 2004. The teachers on the partnership committees at each of the six schools worked in partnership with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya at Kisumu and were supported by the British Council Global Schools Partnerships team. The main problem was raising the funds required to allow the exchange to take place, so a team of interested parents and teachers set about organising a wide range of fund raising activities over 18 months. The Kenyan schools also completed fund raising activities.


In March 2004 the Forest of Dean schools welcomed six students and two teachers from their partnered Kenyan schools. Then in June 21 UK students and six teachers travelled to Kisumu to experience the warmth of the African sunshine and the Kenyan hospitality. The exchange was a great success and by 2019 151 UK students and 38 teachers have visited Kenya, whilst 89 Kenyan students and 32 teachers have visited the Forest of Dean.


Since 2004 the curriculum projects have been: Energy (2004), Poetry and Prose Anthology (2006), Performance (2008/9), Water (2011), Political Awareness (2013), Trees (2015), Waste Reduction (2019).


The exchange is biennial, owing to the time that is required to raise the necessary funds. In 2008 the visit to Kenya was delayed by 12 months owing to post-election violence in Kenya. The Tujuane Project has only continued for so long because of the support and assistance of staff at the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya at Kisumu, particularly Philip Kirui.


In 2018 the Forest High School joined the project, although it will not be until 2021 that students from the school will be part of the exchange. Forest High School is partnered with Bar Korumba Secondary School.

Dene Magna School, Mitcheldean                 partnered with St. Anthony Dago Kokore Secondary School

                                              (between 2012 and 2017 partnered with St. John's Chrisostom Kudho Sec School)


Lakers School (5 Acres High), Coleford         partnered with    Gilwatsi Secondary School


Newent School,                                              partnered with St. Georges Sianda Secondary School