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Everything you need to know about the Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project

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The 8th Tujuane Student Exchange

Mrs Kat Wilkes

Another very successful exchange visit to both the UK and to Kenya. The Kenyan group travelled to the UK in the second week of June, after their delayed visit. The Forest group travelled out to Kenya the day after the Kenyan group flew back!


Both groups experiences some rainy days, but that did not dampen the spirits of the young people who have been preparing for the visits for nearly two years.


Well done to all the teachers and students who worked hard to raise the funds required to make the trips possible. Thanks also to the British Council for their financial support.

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The 2019 Tujuane exchnage visits were coordinated by Iain Baird. Iain is a British Council Ambassador and a Global Education Consultant who is one of the orginal founders of the Tujuane Project in 2001.

Dene Magna


Five Acres

Forest High

Ms Katie Phelps

Mr Richard Hatch

Emily Evans

Joe Griffiths

Lucy Hopkins

Alex Evans

Shannah Lawrence

Paige Morris

Callum Nicholls

Isla Corbijn


Mr Roy Bentley

Mrs Karen Crighton

Lydia Rudge

Cora Brady

Hannah Evenson

Betsy Beard

Megan Cappell

Louise Fransham


Miss Alice Strong

Mr Steve Edgell

Sam Goodall

Olivia Gladwin

Holly Gibson

Grace Atieno

Melissa Duffy

Imogen Smith


This photograph was taken at the Elsamere Environmental Centre on Lake Naivasha.