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Everything you need to know about the Tujuane UK Kenya Student Exchange Project

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Planning for Tujuane 2015

The student exchange is planned to take place in 2015. The Kenyan students will be arriving on Thursday 19th March at 8:40 am at Birmingham airport. They will be leaving at 5.25pm on Friday 3rd April. The visit to Kenya is to take place from the evening of 16th June to 2 July. We have managed to get a very good deal through Student Travel Association with SwissAir.

Unfortunately one of the selected students from Lakers School has had to withdraw from the trip to Kenya. However, Lakers do not have any reserve students, which means that there was one place available for a student from Dene Magna or Newent. Since both of their first reserves were boys, and we have spare capacity for extra boys at the residential centre in Kisumu, it has been decided to offer a place to both of the reserves. So there will now be seven students from Dene Magna and Newent travelling, as well as the five students from Lakers.

The selection of students.

Fund Raising

The first target will be to raise the funds required for the Kenyan students to visit the UK in March 2015, as well as to cover the costs of the UK staff for the trip to Kenya. A wide variety of fund raising events will be planned to meet this first target. All students will be expected to contribute to these group fund raising activities.


The second target will be for the students to raise the money required to pay for their own costs in travelling to Kenya. The students will need to plan their own fund raising activites. Some students have raised all the money for thier trip themsleves, so that their parents have not had to pay anything.


Please see the separate events calendar for details of fund raising activities.

Destination: Kisumu, Western Kenya.

Leaving Birmingham: 18.45 on Tuesday 16th June. Flight LX425 to Zurich

Leaving Zurich: 09.55 on Wednesday 17th June. Flight LX 294.


Returning from Nairobi:  19.35 on Wednesday 2nd July.   Flight No. LX 294 to Zurich

Leaving Zurich: 07.15 on Monday 8th July. Flight No. LX 420. Arrives at 08.05


Travelling to Birmingham  by Grindles Coaches, Cinderford

Flight Details: